Song Challenge Songs

by Drea Macdonald



I run a monthly song challenge group. When a writer joins, they throw a song title or theme into a jar and once a month I pull one out and give it to the group on a Friday evening. We then have until Sunday at midnight to write, record and upload a finished song for the group to hear.

It's a personal exercise, not everyone takes part every month, but it is a great challenge to write under pressure - especially if you only have an hour, a few hours, etc.

I'm choosing to post mine here, not because they're "good" songs, but because I learn something with each one. And with each one, I challenge myself a little bit more - to use different instruments, arrangements, etc.

If you're in a creative rut and aren't feeling the inspiration - at least you can work on your songwriting form. Just writing is good. It doesn't have to mean much. Then again, sometimes you find meaning where you didn't think there was any.



released 15 November 2014

Written, performed and engineered by Drea in her home studio.



all rights reserved


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